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 The Biggest Regret

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BerichtOnderwerp: The Biggest Regret   do feb 19, 2009 11:24 pm

Deze oneshot is een fanfic. Het gaat over Tom van TH, en het de rating is: G
Het is geschreven in het engels omdat ik het eerder op een engels forum heb gepost. Ik kan het wel vertalen maar de meeste van jullie kunnen engels dus here ya go:
(vergeet niet te reageren xxx)

The Biggest Regret

He looked at the picture once more, taking in every detail of her. Her smile was just as cheeky on the picture as it had always been, her short multicolored hair, hanging beside her face in soft curls, almost straight at times. Her beautiful dark eyes that you could easily drown in and then her hands. He remembered how soft they were, and how her nails were always perfect, varnished black. If he closed his eyes he could still hear her laugh and feel her touch. But whenever he opened them up again, she wasn’t there. She hadn’t been for over a month now. And she wasn’t coming back either.
It was his own fault, he had messed everything up. That first day when they’d met had been so perfect, he couldn’t have imagined that things would turn this way. But they had.
She had been the first girl in a very long time he had fallen for, and the first one he had dared to call his girlfriend since years. She used to be an art director in his band’s crew, but she had quit when they broke up. He couldn’t believe how much he had screwed up.
It had all happened after they had dated for three years. She came in one morning, slightly shaking and with a nervous expression on her face. She sat down beside him and looked at him intensely. “I don’t know how to say this but…I’m pregnant” Those were the words she had said. At first he had laughed, thinking she was kidding but he had been wrong. After that they had gotten into a fight. He couldn’t have a baby now, he was busy touring and he wasn’t even sure he wanted children. But she had refused to get an abortion. It had all ended in a nasty break up, and now he was alone.
He had started missing her more and more, and slowly he came aware from the fact that that “thing” as he had called it, wasn’t just a thing that he had nothing to do with. It was his son or daughter. Finally he had made his mind up and grabbed his phone to call her up and apologize but then his brother had came in.
“She’s getting married” he had softly said.
He had dropped the phone and never picked it up again. And now it was the day she was getting married. Two hours from now she was going to say: “I do” and it wasn’t to him. She was going to be happily declared married to another guy.
It killed him inside that she was not by his side anymore, but what was even worse was that she didn’t want to get married anyway.
But she came from a rich family with high standards. When she had told her parents they had given her a choice: either get an abortion or get married soon. Again she refused to kill her baby. So her parents had arranged a marriage for her, against her will. She was getting married to her ex boyfriend, the one she had complained about to him so often.
His tears fell upon the photo. ‘Why? Why does that bastard get to be with MY girl? And MY baby?!?’ he let out angrily.
His twin brother hugged him. ‘I am sorry’ he said.
‘Why?’ he sobbed on.
‘Do you want her back?’
He nodded.
‘Do you want that baby?’
‘Yes! I want to be the one to be with her. If that means that I have to get married sooner than I always thought I would then what the h*ll? Why not? I love her damn it!’
‘Then go fight for her!’
He looked up still with teary eyes. ‘But she’s getting married today’
‘So? Not till…one and a half hours’
He stood up quickly and grabbed a still packed gift. ‘G, I need a ride!’ he called out.
The bassist stood up and smiled. ‘I thought you were never going to ask. Come on, let’s go’

‘Come on faster!’
‘I’m already going as fast as possible, don’t worry you’ll be on time’ Georg replied.
Finally the car stopped infront of the old city hall. He was out in seconds and started running, faster and faster.

‘Now do you, Evie Thompson take-’
He slammed the door open, and ran down the isle. He opened his mouth to shout the words “I object” but suddenly his leg was staying behind and he tripped…his head harshly hitting the ground. He got spots in his sight and his head got heavy. ‘Evie’ he still softly mumbled before passing out.

‘Huh? What?’ he mumbled.
He blinked and saw a monitor, showing his heart rhythm.
‘Owh No’ he let out when his memory came screaming back to him. ‘Evie!’
Suddenly a soft fine hand was placed on his.
‘Don’t worry Tom, I’m here’
He looked at the hand, his eyes getting huge and then he turned to her face. ‘Evie’ he said again.
‘You pulled off some stunt there’ she said with a soft smile.
‘Did you?’ he asked worriedly.
‘Did I what?’
‘M-marry him?’
‘No, they had to call 911 for you, and I went with you to this place… couldn’t leave you alone like that’
Tom got up and hugged her tightly. ‘Don’t marry him, don’t! Please don’t!’
‘Tom, I-’
‘Wait! Just don’t say anything yet’ he said, desperately searching in his pocket. Then his hand hit the gift he had taken. He unwrapped it quickly. ‘I had bought this for you…before we broke up.’ He said whilst pulling the box out. He opened it and showed her the ring.
‘It’s just a normal ring but at least it’s a ring…Evie Thompson,’ he begun.
‘Oh my Gosh!’ she let out shocked.
‘I love you, and I will do anything to be with you. I couldn’t imagine getting a baby with anyone else, and I couldn’t imagine growing old with anyone else either. Please, will you marry me?’
A watery smile appeared on her face. ‘No!’ she let out.
He opened his mouth to reply but he couldn’t. “No” it kept repeating in his head. But…but why was she still smiling?
‘Tom, I never needed you to ask me to be your wife. I just needed to hear that you’ll be there for our baby! I didn’t need a damn marriage proposal!’ she started laughing but he couldn’t see the humor in it. ‘You know, before you came into my life, my family was all I had. And then I lost you, Tom… I was left alone. No job, no money and knocked up. I had to go back to my parents. I needed that marriage. That was why I was married to that idiot!’
‘So…you’ll have me back?’ he finally managed to get out.
‘Yeah you fool’
He smiled and kissed her. The pain from his broken heart disappeared, being replaced by happiness.
‘Tom?’ she asked after the long passionate kiss had broken.
‘About that baby...’
‘Make that babies’
‘We’re having twins’
To his own surprise Tom smiled. ‘Hunny, that’s great!’
‘Really?’ Evie asked nervously.
‘Really’ Tom replied, and he meant it.

The End

Cuz music is life

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: The Biggest Regret   do feb 26, 2009 11:35 pm

I already read it once before:P but I STILL love it!!!

(well duh it has Tomi in it tongue )hahaah

xxx luv ya
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Aantal berichten : 112
Leeftijd : 26
Woonplaats : Netherlands
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: The Biggest Regret   vr feb 27, 2009 4:06 pm

Love schreef:
I already read it once before:P but I STILL love it!!!

(well duh it has Tomi in it tongue )hahaah

xxx luv ya

Ty hunny <3

Cuz music is life
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: The Biggest Regret   vr feb 27, 2009 5:11 pm

ah how sweet Very Happy

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The Biggest Regret
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